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Leonard Taylor – Retired QCR for NASA
I’ve been involved in the NASA Apollo Program for about 10 or 11 years from 1959 through the summer of 1971. I was a quality control representative for NASA. And I had the primary responsibility to oversee the development, and the manufacturing, the assembly, and the testing, of the lunar excursion modular descent engine. And I put my stamp of approval on it that it meets all of NASA’s requirements, for a reliable engine.
The Apollo Achievement Award, NASA presented that award to me because they expected me to assure that the quality and realiability of that engine was acceptable to NASA.
Question:  And how was your experience with NASA to lead you to believe that Gutterglove is a quality gutter guard?
Answer:  The way Gutterglove is constructed. It’s got an anodized aluminum support with a stainless steel mesh and the way it’s attached to the gutter, from the roof to the gutter, it covers the gutter opening, and therefore it doesn’t allow any debris to enter the gutter, strictly only water can get into the gutter and down the drain. Based on all my findings, I found that the Gutterglove is the best one that is designed and allowed just the water to flow into the gutter. And I’m really happy with it. I have it about 5 years now, this is the 5th season right now, and it’s still clean, so I don’t have to worry about getting up there and cleaning the gutter out anymore. I’m really happy.

Hal Hicks
I’ve had Gutterglove 5 years now and it’s going to be durable and last a long time. I will never have to get on my roof again to clean my gutters! I recommend Gutterglove because there is no reason to have to get up on the roof to worry about whether your gutters are getting clogged or not.

Pat Smith
I thought it was awesome. The fact that you can’t see it from the street. And it fits on the existing gutter that we have, we don’t have to replace our gutter. I was very impressed with the fact that it doesn’t show from the street. It’s so streamline looking. I think it’s worth its weight in gold! I thought it was awesome.

Karen Goodrich
I would highly recommend Gutterglove to my friends, my neighbors, my family, my kids, it’s an awesome product, just awesome. It’s the best thing we’ve put on our house since we built it. Gutterglove, what an awesome product, just totally love it, my husband is really thrilled with it. It keeps the leaves out, the water goes down the gutter, we don’t have Niagra Falls anymore. It’s wonderful. My husband was really impressed with the price, the product, and actually the salesmanship of the gentleman that was there.

Dale Powers
Gutterglove Gutterguard has been an excellent product for me.

Eldon Jemtrud
Gutterglove Gutterguard is one of the best products out there to protect your gutters.

Tim Reed
Well the first time I saw this product [Gutterglove] was about 3 or 4 months ago at the same show and I was doing research on this type of system [mesh filter type gutter guard systems]. I just thought it was the best quality product I’ve seen and I also like the cosmetics features of it, you really don’t see it on your roof line. So I thought it was the product I wanted to go with, I went with it. I am very pleased. In fact, I’m here today [at a home and garden show], to recommend it to my parents and get more literature for my parents. It just looks like the pure science of design and materials that intrigued me the most about this product. I’m very happy with this product.

Brian Wipperman, M.D.
I can see that this is really a product that is going to last. I would recommend Gutterglove to anybody. It’s certainly an investment, I think it’s a good investment. I’m really happy with the work that was done and the product itself.

Hap Abbot
Well, Gutterglove solved the problem for me. We have a home in Canada where we are trying to collect rainwater. We tried well water and it wasn’t safe to drink so we had to go to rainwater collection. As a first stage water filter, there was no other product on the market that worked. We looked at them all and it was a competitor of Gutterglove that told me that I should use Gutterglove. If you’ve ever drinking well water, often you know that it has a very minerally taste or a sulfery taste and it’s pretty unpleasant. And then other city waters are treated, but when you get rainwater that’s been purified by a first stage water filter like Gutterglove it’s wonderful.
In fact, this last summer we had my other family, my sisters family was up visiting us and they would not drink the water out of their tap, they came over and they were filling off our tanks, the drinking water, because it tasted so well. We were pooring the water in, and calling it 2006, and we were putting it in wine glasses and saying this is very good year!
So, I recommend Gutterglove, the water tastes delicicous. I tell people when they are drinking water at my house, yes I have these other filters, but it’s really do simply because the first stage water filter provided by Gutterglove works so incredibly well for us.
This past December we had 125mph winds rip through Vancouver Island and hit our island on Denman Island. We had about 40 trees down around our property. One of my tanks got destroyed, I have dents on the roof and my house got pelted by large branches about the size of my arm. All over was debris, we actually had to use chainsaws to get in the front door. But the amazing thing was, that none of the Gutterglove was at all affected by it. It just kept going on sucking up the rain as we needed it. So it’s a really strong product.

Diane Britt
The first time I saw it, it just looked like it was a high quality product.

Jim Luttrell
It looks to me like it works very well

Jeff Janzen
With this plastic one [referring to another gutter guard], I didn’t like it because the sun warped it and it came apart. And it’s a two story roof [referring to his home], it’s very high and I can’t get up there. It makes a positive impression on me [Gutterglove] because of the water staying clear in here [referring to the see through acrylic gutter display demonstration], I do like that.

Herb Thomas
It’s the best quality you can get. You’re not going to get anything better unless you want to run titanium, which nobody can afford.

Patty Snyder
Whoa, I think this is the only way to go.

James Licht
Well, I’m pretty cynical and critical, this is so far the best I’ve seen. Truly. Now I’m not being prompted to say that, but that’s true. I’ve done my research, and so far this is the best.

David Allstot
I have tried some [referring to other gutter guards], this one right here [referring to the Ramco gutter guard] the pine needles would go into this all the time, and I had to either pull them out by hand, or take them off [removing Ramco gutter guard] and clean out the whole gutter out. Very practical [Gutterglove], it’s obvious that nothing’s going to get in except for water.

Gordan Boggs
It’s a very fine product because of its construction. This one works.

Galen Powers
I’ve been installing Gutterglove for over 5 years now, the best thing about it, is it fits with any type of roof, and works with any type of gutter, it screws down so easily. It really adds that finished completed look to any gutter system.

Rebecca Fines
I’m very satisfied with Gutterglove, as I mentioned earlier, it has eliminated the need to have to clean the gutters. I liked the appearance of the product in that you really couldn’t see the gutter guard and it had a lot of features that I thought it would be quite useful to keep the debris out of the gutters. We got between 60 and 70 inches [rainfall] this year. The leaves from the trees in the fall didn’t cause a problem at all, they blew right off [blew off Gutterglove], so I didn’t really have a problem to clean them [gutters]. It has eliminated the need to have to clean the gutters repetitively during the winter when you need good drainage

Brad Lancaster
Rainwater harvesting systems will benefit homeowners by enabling them to turn water scarcity into water abundance. My book is “Rainwater Harvesting For Drylands” It’s an integrated design manual, it shows you how to turn water scarcity into water abundance by harvesting rainwater. So if you are filtering out the leaves and whatnot, before it enters the tank, with a gutter screen such as Gutterglove, that’s advantageous.

Henry Schneider
Question: Do you ever think the mesh would clog?
Answer: I had my skepticism about it, I thought it was possible because the oak trees have a tendency of a fine little particles coming down but, it hasn’t seem to be a problem at all.
Question:  Would you ever recommend Gutterglove to anyone else?
Answer:  Oh absolutely, when you are satisfied with a product, that’s the best way to advertise is by word of mouth. You bet, when you are happy with a product, it sells itself.

Richard Donner
It’s going on the fifth winter and I haven’t had to clean out my gutters. I’ve tried one other gutter guard, those plastic inserts that you buy at one of the major hardware stores, you stick them in, and even with those in, I still had to clean out my gutters twice a year, it was almost like never having a gutter guard at all.
Question:  Did the mesh clog for you at all?
Answer:  If you are concerned about the mesh clogging, I don’t find that to be the case. It’s fine enough that the water goes through but it doesn’t allow any of the leaves or the other particles that are from the roof to go through, and I think it works real well.
I used to dread the fall, you know the spring and winter because I had to get up there and it was a messy job, and I had to climb up on the ladder, and now I don’t have to worry about it. It’s great. It’s the best feeling I can have because prior to having this gutter guard [Gutterglove] installed, it would rain and gushing down water and coming over the gutter and nothing out of the downspouts. Now, on the hardest rainy days we’ve had, nothing is coming [no debris] in the gutters, it’s all running out of the downspouts just like a geiser. It’s a great feeling. I would definitely recommend it [Gutterglove]
I haven’t used many of the systems out there, but I’m very pleased with this one and with the trees and the leaves and other problems we had around here, and not having to clean my gutters in over 4 years I think it shows just how successful the product [Gutterglove] is and I would definitely recommend it.

Betty Trembly
Sure, we would recommend Gutterglove, especially for the people living under oaks where you need a very fine system to keep leaves out of gutters or the little fine things off the oak trees. I think we find Gutterglove extremely reliable, and that they stand behind their product.

Lynn Trembly
I think it’s a great product and a great company. We had numerous problems with our gutters and our roof and those problems have all been solved. Typically it requires very little maintenance, it’s a wonderful product that pretty much takes care of itself. I would absolutely recommend Gutterglove.

Alice Kempt
I’ve been a customer for Gutterglove for over 4 years now, and I like it real well, and you seem to stand behind your product and we are very very satisfied with it. Would I recommend it? Yes, highly.
Question:  Why did you originally have Gutterglove installed anyway?
Answer:  Because we have large Oak trees around our house, three of them, and no matter what we put in there [other gutter guards they installed in the past] everything went into the gutter, everything seemed to go in the gutter anyway, but this [Gutterglove] doesn’t, nothing can go into our gutters this way [using Gutterglove]. It’s real good.
Question:  What is the best feature you like the most about Gutterglove?
Answer:  The screening, I think it’s very good, it never blew out or anything [like the Leaffilter gutter guard she had in the past].

Tom Eastman
That is a plastic gutter guard that I bought at a major hardware store and I’ve had it on my house for about 9 years and I am having it removed and replaced with Gutterglove. I’m having these plastic gutter guards removed because I feel I have to replace them every year or two years because of the whether and the son disforms them. The whether and the son kind of buckles them so they don’t stay their shape. When those gutter guards would twist and warp, the leaves go in them [gutter]. I still had to clean my gutters out once a year, and my downspouts about twice a year with the plastic gutter guards up there.
I did fall off a ladder, last December (2006), it was in a rain storm and one of my downspouts was plugged up so I made the major error of climbing up there trying to clean out this thing instead of waiting for the rain to stop, and I slipped off the ladder and broke my wrist and fell on my face. Unfortunately during this crisis, nobody was home to help me so I had to drive myself down to the hospital, and it was difficult and challenging because I have a stick-shift truck.
I’ve had Gutterglove on the back gutters for the last four years. I have been very very happy, I haven’t been on my roof one time to clean out the gutters in the back of the house. Because of this accident on the front of my house, my wife and I decided to put Gutterglove on the front instead of trying to clean them a couple times a year.
I would highly recommend Gutterglove to everybody. I would recommend Gutterglove to anybody, because of the keeping you off the ladder, keeping your gutters clean, and safe.

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